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House System

There are four houses in the school named as

Houses House Colour

Every student is placed in one of these houses. Each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as house captain. A teacher or several teachers act as house master. To co-ordinate all house activities. A house warden is present under whose guidance the house will function. Point is awarded to students throughout their environment in various competitions. Best House will be awarded running trophy in school annual day function. There are four house boards, children are to decorate the boards in every Saturday during the house periods and during some special occasions. Responsibilities are headed by House Master, House Captains and helped by others to lift the name of their house to the top. Every month the house marks are displayed in their house boards (are taken care by house warden)

All must come in their respective house uniform, else may not be allowed to attend the school. Every Saturday (except 2nd Saturday) house activities are done in 5th and 6th periods. All should participate in all sorts of activities like essay, debate, elocution, badminton, chess, carom, khokho, kabbadi and many more. “For the selection all students of the same house will participate. House master will select best three among all for final all selected participants from all four houses will come to one room for the competition. From them 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be selected. For 1st rank- 3points, 2nd rank-2points, 3rd rank-1point. Result will be declared and displayed in the own house display board. The classes and house activities the details are given in.

Inter-House Competition Activities

Junior (STD – I to STD-V):

  • CHESS, CARROM, BADMINTON (Boys and Girls)

Senior (STD-VI to STD-X):

  • CHESS, CARROM, BADMINTON (Boys and Girls), KHO KHO(Boys and Girls), KABADI(Boys and Girls), FOOTBALL(Boys), CRICKET(Boys)
  • Athletics (House wise Events) Mixed
  • Marchpast (House wise Events) Mixed
  • Pyramid Formation ((House wise Events)

Junior (STD – II to STD-IV):

  • Drama, Cooking without fire, Calligraphy, Elocution, and Song Competition, Essay Writing, Best of Waste, Weaving a yarn, Debate, Dance Competition, Collage Making, Quiz

Senior (STD – V to STD-VII):

  • Drama, Cooking without fire, Calligraphy, Elocution, and Song Competition, Essay Writing, Best of Waste, Weaving a yarn, Debate, Dance (Western) Competition, Collage Making, and Quiz.

Senior (STD – VIII to STD-X):

  • Drama, Cooking without fire, Calligraphy, Elocution, and Song Competition, Essay Writing, Craft from, Knitting(Girl), Stitching(Boys), Debate, Dance (Western) Competition, News Anchoring, and Quiz.


GPS Eco club was opened on 22/01/11 to mark Animal Welfare Fortnight (A.W.F.). It helps the students in development in the area of eco-awareness, which helps them in environmental science and making them as eco-activists. Time to time the eco club organizes eco classes for awareness among the students with various activities such as making of bird feeder, nest, bird watching, quiz, debate, art, eco tour, tree plantation, zoo education etc. GPS eco garden was opened on 06/07/11 to mark Vanmahostav and celebrating wildlife week, animal welfare fortnight, world animal day etc. The eco garden is a model of biodiversity of river Brahmani, flows from Rourkela and criss-crosses at Bhitarkanika marine sanctuary. The students gaining knowledge on ecology from eco club can pursue higher studies in the field of environmental science. Every year the club celebrates the World Environment day on 5th June. School has got award for best Educational Institution award on 21/3/2017 on World Forest day from Forest & Environment Dept., Govt of Odisha on 2017.


The PARENTS’-TEACHERS’ association is an important body. It is a forum for exchange of ideas and means of communication between school (Principal and staff) and parents. The meeting of parents and teachers and held regularly to bring the parents into direct contact with the teachers for the betterment of their children. This also helps teachers to understand the students better. Principal also get an opportunity to know the parents personally and also can appreciate the problems of the teachers in handling their sons/ daughters problem can be solved through mutual discussion and could follow up to attach the date of meeting. So, parents are requested to attend all the meetings as per the schedule given below. A suggestion sheet is provided to the class teachers. So, that you can write your opinion/ suggestion/ complaints. Parents are also requested to bring to the principal’s notice if any such problem arises.

To meet Principal: Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12Noon to 1PM

Every second Saturday of the Month 8AM-10AM( FOR STD-II TO X)

NB: Parents are requested to write down their suggestions and complaints if any in the copy provided by the Teachers.


Parents are requested to provide homemade Tiffin to the children. Avoid giving fast and junk food which may cause health problem and counsel your ward. Just after the in taking the food, leave 30-45 mins then drink water. In every hour to consume 1 glass of water. The Tiffin is allowed in the short break 9:10am – 9:20am. Plastic materials are not allowed in the school.

FOOD: Kcal requirement according to age.

04-06YEARS 1,400KCAL/DAY 1,200KCAL/DAY
09-13YEARS 1,800KCAL/DAY 1,600KCAL/DAY
14-18YEARS 2,200KCAL/DAY 1,800KCAL/DAY
Idli (4pcs) + Sambhar 200
Sandwitches 100
Dhokla(2pcs) 140
Upma + Curry 248
Poha 250
Plain Paratha+Curry 141
Aloo Paratha 360
Veg Pulao 279
Fruit Salad 70
Sweet Curd(1 cup) 100
Veg Biryani 150
Veg Fried Rice 200
Plain Paratha(2pcs)+Paneer curry 125