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The infrastructure on around 2.5Acr supports for classrooms, and ample space for music and dance, art and craft, science and computer lab, activities, library, Taekwondo, playground and a garden. GPS classrooms are scientifically designed to audio visual classrooms, well furnished and provided with white boards and LCD projectors.



Since library is an integral part of a school for learning, the library at GPS offers a child-friendly reading environment. It has a wide range of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, periodicals and news papers to fulfill the need of students. It also has an huge collection of nearly 4000+ books, colorful picture – story books, coloring books, activity books, fiction and non-fiction books are available in the library. STD - V to STD – X students are allowed to take the books to home in every week by showing their Library cards in Library periods allotted to them. STD - I to STD – IV are called to Library or teachers take the books to the class and children are allowed to read in the library during library periods to inculcate the habit of reading.

Science lab

We have a good laboratory, where all the lab equipments are kept systematically like physics equipments, chemistry equipments and biology equipments. The students of STD IX and X are allowed to go to the laboratory according to their timetable. Subject teachers also accompany with them. First the subject teacher explains about the experiment, and then the individuals are given chances to do self experiments with the guidance of the subject teachers. Other classes when the teacher needs takes the equipment to the class room to show the experiment in the whole class. All required scientific requirements are kept in the lab looking to the requirement of board and children.

Computer Lab

GPS has a good setup of a state of the art computer lab. It is equipped with hi-speed computer loaded with relevant software, Optical broadband internet facility. Student to computer ratio is 1:2. There is an audio visual room computerized with an LCD projector and home theatre system covering subjects of academic and entertainment value. All types of software are loaded as per the children’s requirements.

Math Lab

GPS has a Mathematics laboratory to make teaching and learning of mathematics at school stage activity based and experimentation oriented. Students can learn and explore mathematical concepts, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics. Students from STD –III to STD – X are allowed for the practical.


Smart class is a blend of the traditional classroom with technology making learning a fun for students and teaching enjoyable. Today quality education is crucial to keep up with the first growing competition for the education system so smart class has become a boom. GPS has taken that challenge to give the quality education to the students with the help of technology tools. Each class room has equipped with a good quality of projector with CPU and other requirements. The software is given by TCE. While taking the classes the TCE software for the different classes and used as teaching aids.


GPS promises excellent sports infrastructure. It provides a ground for Football, Cricket, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Khokho, Taekwondo and Throw ball courts, Khokho, Carrom and Chess along with sliders, ladders, swing and see-saw etc.